Through My Eyes:

Humanity's Unwitting Downfall

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If a device was invented that could let us see the world through someone else's eyes, what would happen to humanity?

Through My Eyes tries to answer this very question in a  60-pages-long telling that takes a deep dive into human nature and its inborn frailty.

It's the story of a neuroscientific marvel, the Empathy Machine, which was supposed to jumpstart the advancements of society.

Instead, it destroyed it.

The slow, creeping apocalypse that befell the human race is told in three acts:

The Observers — First Act: This is the story of the Machine's invention and development, which follows the life of an unlucky scientist call Harold. He was the first to ever warn the public of the dangers of the Machine. He was unheeded, but he proved right in the end. But was it genius or madness?

The Sources — Second Act: Our gazes later shift to Alan, a Source, someone who's life is watched every day by hundreds of thousands of people. He's the apex predator of the new world.

The Outsiders — Third Act: Lastly, we turn our eyes to a young and lonely boy, simply referred to as "N". He wanders the empty streets of once sprawling cities, asking himself: how did it come to this?